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Who We Are

SageNext offers you the best Networking and Hardware Training Program for multiple operating systems such as Microsoft, LINUX, UNIX, Sun Solaris. We have a dedicated team of industry experienced professionals who have worked with major brands like IBM, Wipro, HCL, Siemens, Sapient and many more.

Vision & Mission

The Vision of SageNext takes its inspiration form the great ‘India Vision 2020’ envisaged by our most Honorable Former President of the Union of India A.P.J.Abdul Kalam. In ‘India Vision 2020; Abdul Kalam urges us all to transform our society into a KNOWLEDGE SOCIETY.

Our Values

The term sole Vision is quality education and better career opportunities thereafter, at least form this district of Gorakhpur and its surrounding . We are here with an unprecedented determination to ‘Make Quality Education Accessible in the Society of their Upbringing to the Youths.’

SageNext Technologies

We believe the term ‘Institution’ is undersized for us and also incomplete to well explain about us as to what we are and what we look at.

We are far ahead of this ancient – old reverenced term, whose connotation has been minimized today to the status of being a small roof-top building with a few personal Desktops at show and a few incompetent and inexperienced pedagogues at work. We are here ‘To Revive the Significance of Term Institution’ in literal terms. SageNext will offer a value-added education and above the line training program on Hardware & Networking as well as Various Global Certification in an efficient association   with leading IT & ICT entities worldwide.


Scheduling Developments

Unlike other computer institutions, earning an associate degree at SageNext is much more than just acquiring the technical skills. The SCNP program at SageNext not only provides you with the technical knowledge of computers, but also develops your personality at par with corporate world. Our education philosophy is simply to provide our student with the all kinds of resources necessary to become well-rounded, highly motivated, skilled professionals for their career.

From industry experiences what we have observed that while employers are eager to find employees with technical proficiency, there are other ‘soft’ skills which are extremely important in a professional environment.

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